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Whistle Sports creates, curates and delivers compelling sports content for fans and brands across multiple social, digital and TV platforms

Whistle Sports has built an active, global community with 400 of the world’s most engaging sports content creators that now encompasses an aggregate social audience over 400 million people, of which more than 210 million are subscribers, fans and followers Following Aser’s investment in Whistle Sports in 2018:

Whistle Sports’ is one on the most proficient social content producers in the media industry

Employing its digital capabilities and social influence Whistle will help drive fan consumption and engagement for Aser’s portfolio companies

Through its unrivalled expertise in localisation and key distribution networks across the world, Aser is assisting Whistle Sports in driving its international expansion

Social audience of
400+ million
210 million subscribers

Whistle Sports partners with some of the most influential content creators including Dude Perfect, Nitro Circus and F2Freestylers experience

Whistle Sports has worked with some of biggest names in sport such as NFL, MLB and NASCAR, to help them connect with hard-to-reach younger audiences