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Hellodì creates engagement strategies for online communities on digital platforms and social networks.

Aser’s investment in Hellodì will stimulate creation of a digital hub in Italy with continuous interaction and an open dialogue amongst users and media campaigns.

Hellodì’s digital media network is split into three main categories:

HelloSport – a community of digitally native influencer agencies in the sport industry

HelloFace – a community of individual influencers from a variety of different sectors including sport, media, entertainment and fashion

HelloService – a service provision for third parties including; social media management; multiplatform content production and distribution; and sponsorship rights management

Social audience of
5.6m Instagram Followers
7.2m Facebook fans
2.6m Youtube Subscribers

Hellodì collaborates with a wide range of platforms and brands, amongst others YouTube with its billions of subscribers, international football stars with high level of brand awareness and more.

60 brands using
42 influencers