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Simple, full-service & economical production solutions for the sport & media sectors. Using innovative technology and operational excellence, we produce and transmit high quality audio-visual content in a cost-efficient way.

Innovative and simple technology allows easyprod to deliver partners cost-efficiency in the full-scale production of sporting events, big or small. With deep understanding and experience of sports media easyprod effectively opens up new opportunities for monetisation and fan engagement for stakeholders anywhere in the world.

easyprod’s sports production system supports media operators, sport federations, leagues, teams, schools, clubs amongst others in the production and transmission of high quality (HD or Full HD) audio-visual match content.

With an in-depth understanding of the sports market, easyprod can deliver digital solutions to help rights holders, media companies and sponsor brands build and exploit a full range of clips and highlights for promotion and monetisation.

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Emanuele Montoneri

digital solutions

easyprod supports partners like sports federations, leagues and teams with full back-end and technical production and transmission

multi-cam premium match experience

easyprod's multi-cam system provides top quality production ensuring that viewers get the best match experience

transmission / output

from Full HD feed to CDN, social media or any other media platforms, easyprod can deliver anywhere

data / graphics solutions

we offer data-driven graphics services like basic, timing, opens, and-screen credits, official stats to increase viewer experience and understanding of the game